Assignment Practice

This section describes how the assignment principles described under Assignment Theory can be but put into practice using the CCCPNmr Analysis software. There are several ways in which triple resonance backbone assignment, in particular, can be approached in CCPNmr Analysis using more or less automated methods. Initially a more manual method will be described, as this makes it easier to understand the process of assignment for those who are new to protein NMR assignment. This is followed by an outline of the slightly more automated method using the Link Sequential Spin Systems function within CCPNmr Analysis.

The assignment is described using Analysis 2.1. If you are using a different version you may find that there are some differences in menu names or pop-up arrangements – but it shouldn’t be anything too drastic – you should still be able to follow what is going on.

This section assumes that you have created a new project, provided details of the Molecular System and read in your spectra. See CCPNmrAnalysis Basics for details on how to do this, as well as how to change the appearance of your spectra and windows, use the mouse and navigate around your spectra.