Strips are particularly useful when doing assignments. Basically it is a way of seeing several parts of a 3D spectrum next to one another at differing z-planes (see Visualising 3D Spectra for more information on strips). To manage your strips click Strips in your Spectrum Window Toolbar. + will add strips. The strips are numbered (top left hand corner) and the z-plane is displayed in the bottom left hand corner of each strip. There is a button for each strip and the active one is coloured green. will remove the active strip and Clear will remove all strips. The Left Arrow and Right Arrow will move the active strip one place to the left or right; in this way you can change the order of your strips. Note that if you navigate from another window into a window containing strips, you will navigate to the active strip. The little button with three bars on it, specifies whether your strips will be vertical or horizontal. In general, vertical strips are used, espcially in solution NMR. However, for solid-state MAS NMR spectra it is often convenient to use horizontal strips. Simply click the little button with the bars to switch between vertical or horizontal strips.

A further feature in Analysis is that you can add so-called Separators. If you Right Click the mouse and go to Strips you will find that if you are in vertical strip mode you can Add a horizontal separator and vice versa. This allows you focus on two different parts of your your spectrum in the same window. E.g. you can look at the aliphatic and carbonyl regions of a spectrum above and below your separator and thereby remove from view the less interesting region in the middle of the spectrum. You can use a separator whether you are using strips or not.