Keyboard Shortcuts

There are numerous keyboard shortcuts. You can see what these are and also change them if you go to Macros and then Organise Macros. Here is a list of the default settings:

Spectrum Manipulations

Page Up Zoom out
Page Down Zoom in
Up Move spectrum up within the window
Down Move spectrum down within the window
Left Move spectrum left within the window
Right Move spectrum right within the window
Home Zoom the slice range down
End Zoom the slice range up
c Centre the window where the mouse is
j Scroll left orthogonally
k Scroll right orthogonally
i Increase the number of contours
o Decrease the number of contours
e Raise the countour level
r Lower the contour level


Marks and Rulers

h Create a horizontal ruler
v Create a vertical ruler
m Create a mark
n Clear all marks and rulers



a Bring up the Assignment pop-up
b Bring up the Browse Atoms pop-up
u Bring up the right-click Mouse Menu
s Show the selected peaks in a pop-up table



p Move selected peak
P Automatially centre the peaks on the closest maxima/minima
q Move peak label
w Automatically set the peak label positions such that they do not overlap
W Reset the peak labels to their original positions
l Unite peak positions
s Show the selected peaks in a pop-up table



S Save project