Strips and Separators

Strips are commonly used to visualise small sections of 3D spectra. Using the Strips button at the top of a window you can access the Strips toolbar. This allows you to add or remove strips (blue + and ), change which strip is active (green number buttons) or move the active strip relative to the others (green arrows). By default the strips are vertical. However, for some solid-state MAS spectra, such as NCACX or NCOCX spectra is easier to use horizontal strips. A little switch button in the toolbar allows you to switch between using horizontal and vertical strips.

In addition to strips you can also insert Separators. Right-click the mouse and go to Strip and Add horizontal/vertical separator (you may need to go to Switch to horizontal/vertical first to switch between the horizontal and vertical functions). While strips each have their own x,y and z chemical shift values, a separator generates strips which share the same x or y chemical shift value and the same z chemical shift value. This allows you, for example, to view the aliphatic and carbonyl regions of a spectrum in the same window without the intervening aromatic region. In a 3D the z-dimension would nonetheless remain correlated. Separators can fulfil a similar purpose as the Synchronize Spectra function in Saprky.