Marking Side-band Peaks

If you have identified a peak as being a side-band peak you may want to mark it in some so that you don’t forget that it is a side-band peak. There are two possibilities of how you can do this. Either, right-click, go to Peak and then Set merit and 0.0. Alternatively, right-click, go to Peak and then Set details – you can then type something like side-band into the comment box. Now go to the Peak menu and select Draw Parameters. Make sure that Merit Symbol or Details are selected, depending on which one you opted to go with. If you are using the Merit Symbol, then go to the Merit Sympbols tab and enter a symbol such as * or ! into the Poor merit box and click on Set Symbols. Now your side-band peak should be marked either with a symbol or a comment to remind you that it is not a real peak.

It is likely that a rather more sophisticated system of properly identifying side-band peaks will be introduced some time in the future. But in the mean time this is a reasonably good fix.