NMR Links

This website has information on the basics of NMR, links to lots of software, to academic NMR groups all over the world and information about up-coming conferences.

This website run by Dror Warschawski has a collection of various bits of interesting information including a list of membrane protein structures solved by NMR, a list of structures solved by solid-state NMR and links to many NMR groups. Most importantly, however, you can sign up to the Ampere Magnetic Resonance Mailing list through which conferences and NMR jobs are advertised.

This wiki for NMR was started by Evgeny Fadeev in late 2007. As well as normal articles on many aspects of NMR and numerous NMR-related links it also includes some very nice tools for drawing pulse sequences and equations. It also contains a pulse sequence respository.

This is a wiki run by NESG, the North-East Structural Genomics Consortium which includes the Arrowsmith, Kennedy, Montelione, Prestegard and Szyperski groups. It contains lots of useful and very practical information about everything from Protein Production, Data Acquisition and Processing to NMR Assignments, Structure Calculation and Validation. It also describes in detail how to record and process non-uniformly sampled data with both Bruker and Varian NMR spectrometers.

A website run by the Szyperski group with useful links to various NMR resources as well as a blog.

The BMRB website contains a databse of chemical shifts of biological molecules. Increasingly, researchers are being encouraged to deposit other data, too, such as relaxation data. It also provides links from its entries to the Protein Data Bank (PDB)and collates statistical information on chemical shifts.

This the the website to go along with an NSF funded Research Coordination Network (RCN) headed by Ruth Stark. It contains a number of useful links to solid-state NMR groups, pulse sequence repositories, jobs adverts etc.

This website is run by the publisher John Wiley & Sons and contains news, reviews and other information relating to NMR Spectroscopy.