CCPNmr Analysis Solid-state Tips

Here are some hints and tips on using CCPNmr Analysis with solid-state MAS NMR data. There are various features which are particularly useful for solid-state MAS NMR spectroscopists, but which users may not be aware of. So here is a collection of some of the features which I have found especially useful.

From version 2.2.1 onwards several additional features have been added to the program which are specially designed for solid-state MAS NMR spectroscopists. These include an update of the labelling feature and experiment types as well as some side-band identification features and double quantum axes. These are all described in the following article:
T.J. Stevens, R.H. Fogh, W. Boucher, V.A. Higman, F. Eisenmenger, B. Bardiaux, B.-J. van Rossum, H. Oschkinat and E.D. Laue J. Biomol. NMR 51 437-447. (Link to Article)